Winter in Wellington

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I realise I’ve been too quiet lately so I’m writing a little update to fill in on our winter in Wellington. I’m finding it so weird that the seasons are the other way round. And  I’m only just starting to come to terms with the fact that my life is going to be 6 more months of winter. We go home in October, just as spring is hitting NZ. And flying home just as the UK is diving headfirst into winter. Please be a mild one!

I saw my first New Zealand Snow the other day, albeit at a distance. It was pretty beautiful, but I only had my phone, so the pictures don’t quite do it justice.

Wellington snow Winter in Wellington

We’ve both had our birthdays, which again was weird, I’m a spring baby. Mine was spent at the zoo because I am essentially a child, and I had a blast. Perfect weather, considering it was wet every other day of the week, so I got really lucky. Wellington Zoo is a wonderful little place which I would highly recommend. I loved the red panda’s. So, so sweet, and I was thoroughly spoiled.

Ian’s day was more of a pub crawl kinda day. We had a night out evening day before and then started drinking again at midday. Hitting up our favourites – Hashigo Zake, Tuatara, Hells Pizza, our Garage Project tap room, finishing up at the delectable Burger Liquor. My poor liver took a battering.

Hurricans vs Chiefs
Wellington Hurricanes vs Gallagher Chiefs


We’ve had a few trips out to see the Hurricanes play in the Super Rugby. The first time was back in April and was pretty awesome. We played against the Chiefs, and the game was intense, ultimately we lost by one point. But I got well and truly hooked. I’m a Hurricanes girl now.

We went again last week, as it was the semi-finals, and we were playing the Chiefs again. But this time for our spot in the finals. With the stakes being that much higher the atmosphere was way more electric, and the Hurricanes played a blinder of a game. It was definitely a step up in quality in my opinion. Their defense was top notch and there were some great surprise tries.

We won that game, and got into the Finals, so this week the ‘Canes played the Lions. I had to go into work for a few hours unfortunately so I missed the game. As te store i work at is so close to the stadium it was pretty horrific. But we won, for the first time in 21 years. The cities been buzzing the last few days. There was supposed to be a parade today but…y’know, Wellington weather.

The Winter In Wellington Grind

It’s got crazy crazy cold. I’m not used to this. The thing with New Zealand is that the temperature is somewhat similar to the UK, however they’re central heating here is non-existent. It’s pretty much the same temperature inside as it is outside. I’m not used to being so cold for so long. I need to invest in thermals to get through winter in Wellington.

I’ve been working my little ass off lately to be honest, pulling 40 hour weeks at work in a fairly physical job, plus the 5 hours a week spent walking to and from work, plus my 4 workouts a week, I’m fairly busy right now, and seeing lots of physical gains in the process. I’m pleased to say I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes in the last 6 months and loving my figure, which is rather satisfying, and I’m hoping I can keep up the good work over the next few months before we head home. My strength is doing well too, I’ve been working on Bulgarian split squats and glute bridges and I feel like my leg and glute strength is really coming along.

Garage Project taproomXmas in July

In July we had a fake Christmas. Apparently its a thing some Brits do out here, because of the seasons, it feels weird having Christmas in the extreme heat so many expats have a fake Christmas in July when the season feels more appropriate. We took a day off and ate a lot/got pissed. But so worth it.

And then we’ve been going out a fair bit in the evenings, sucking up the craft beer culture here, been on a few double dates with other couples and been partying a little bit, it’s been pretty fun.

It’s hard meeting people!

My only complaint about my time in Wellington is that I have found it slightly difficult to make long term friends here. In Canada I had the good fortune to work with some phenomenal people, who have gone on to become what I hope will be life long friends. I miss you guys so much, and am looking forward to seeing a few of you in the very near future! But here it’s different. I work in a very small team, most of whom are lovely but younger than me, and who have their own friends and lives already, and I’ve not clicked enough with anyone to be like hey let’s hang out and go for a drink. I’ve been out with Ian and his friends, but it’s mostly as a plus one. Meeting people as an adult is hard!

So I guess I have struggled with loneliness a little more this time around. I’ve spent more time alone this year than I probably ever have before. That’s not to say I don’t like my own company, my solo trip to Norway was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done, but here I just feel like I’m not getting enough. In that regard, I’m so looking forward to going home, seeing my school friends, and NE girls, and the incoming Canadians and of course my family.

But before that, we’ve got a few more weeks of work, and then the big adventure. Two whole months of no work and pure exploration, starting with the South Island! We’re starting to formulate a plan for it now. And I’m sure I’ll have a chance to fill you in before we go.

So that’s it really. That’s life right now, but as with many things, it’s temporary. And I’m looking forward to some new adventures soon.

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