Top 10 Christmas Gifts For A Travel Addict

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Now that Halloween is outta the way, and our American brethren have had their first Turkey day of the year, it’s well and truly Christmas season!

With Christmas on the horizon here’s my top 10 gift ideas for a travel addict close to your heart.


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My Top 10 Christmas Gifts For the Travel Addict in your life.


1. A Reusable water bottle – One Green Bottle

My boyfriend and I carry reusable water bottles pretty much wherever we can. We took ours on our Working Holiday to New Zealand (Watch out for airport security though!) Using your own water bottle is a great idea as it’s ecofriendly and a lot cheaper than buying bottled water. We both have stainless steel reusable water bottles by One Green Bottle (though mines an older model that came in a lovely orange colour which I don’t think they do anymore.)

You can choose different colours and caps, and for some sizes you can also get some funky jackets (only available on there website though.) Mines a giraffe! These bottles are BPA/BPS free, come in various sizes (350ml, 500ml, 800ml) and I must say are very durable – I bought mine in 2014 and it’s been thrown around a fair bit, but still going strong.

2. Camera Stand – Joby GorillaPod Tripod

For those travellers that love a photo – and are solo travellers or only have a reluctant photo buddy, these are a fab idea. The GorillaPod acts as a tripod, but also has flexible and wrappable legs so you cant attach it to things that aren’t horizontal. There are a variety of GorillaPods available, but I like the look of this one as it would take the weight of my DSLR.

3. Gadget Organiser – Cocoon GRID-IT

For those like me who hates having all my gadgets mixed up all over the place, this would be a great addition. I’m also terrible at getting all my wires tangled up so this would make a great addition. You can keep ANYTHING in it, as long as it fits, you just arrange your items under the straps and voila! All those cables, chargers, spare batteries, headphones, etc in ONE place. And they do bigger ones that include space for your laptop. Yes please!

4. Travel Map – Gold Scratch Map

Who doesn’t love personalisation?

With this gorgeous map of the world, you scratch off the countries you have visited, changing the colour from all black and gold to a multi-colour delight of travel memories to brighten up any wall.

5. Stationary – A nice journal perhaps?


OK. I love stationary and already have way too many empty ones laying around just waiting to be written in. But pretty books and pens! Never a bad choice!

I love these leather bound notebooks from Maleden with refillable pages and attached pendants. (The sea blue coloured one is gorgeous!)

6. Travel accessories – funky passport covers

So this covers things like Passport covers, luggage tags and clips, holders for documents.

As well as a traveller, I’m also a bit of a nerd, so I love themed stuff – you can find a cover for almost anything, here’re a few of my favs for your fellow travel nerd:

7. The luggage scales – MYCARBON Portable Digital Scale

Something like this would be super useful – as when one travels you do tend to… accumulate stuff? This would come in so handy knowing what weight your carrying before you reach the airport so you are more able to arrange and pack appropriately.

8. Cabin approved bag – LeahWard Weekend Travel Bag

Every traveller needs a bag – and I just love this weekend handbag. It comes with wheels which slide into the bottom, and is a cabin approved size, and comes in many different designs. I love the owls, so cute!


And if you have a little more in your budget, and are feeling a bit generous this year… (or if you’re thinking about treating yourself perhaps??)

9. Snapchat Spectacles

Got a vlogger on your hands?

How about these awesome Snapchat spectacles, which can be used to record and upload your videos to your Snapchat feed. I’ve seen a few travel bloggers using them lately and I must say the video quality and cool unique perspective, make for really interesting footage and content.

10. A decent camera

So my Nikon D3200 was a VERY much appreciated gift from my Mum a few years ago. (Thanks Mama!) I still LOVE it. I still need to learn how to use the darn thing to its best potential, I’m still a bit of a novice really. 92 years in adn I’ve just figured out how to take a video DOH!)

But the pictures it takes are quite spectacular. I’ve also just discovered that there’s an app called Snapbridge which means you can Bluetooth your photos directly from from your Nikon camera to your smart phone. My tweets/instagram/facebook page are about to get a whole lot better ๐Ÿ˜€

There’s a newer version of the camera which I have – the D3400, which has a few changes. It’s a bit lighter, and the battery should last a bit longer, but fairly siilar. I would highly recommend this beaut.

So there you have it!

My top 10 Christmas Gifts for the travel bunny in your life. I hope I’ve been able to inspire you with a few ideas. What do you think, have I missed any essentials? Whats on YOUR Christmas list this year?


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48 thoughts to “Top 10 Christmas Gifts For A Travel Addict”

  1. Superb list, I’, myself a travel addict and I think I should ask my hubby to read and gift me few of these things as Joby GorillaPod Tripod , passport cover.

  2. Great list, I agree with them all, but especially the stationery. I cannot walk past a notepad or journal. I have so many empty ones waiting for me to fill with stories and anecdotes.

  3. I’m soooooo happy I saw your post. You just solved my dilemma on what to give to my Hubby… this gadget organizer is EXACTLY what he needs (complaining every time he travels , that his gadgets and wires are ruined). And that portable scale is definitely something useful for a woman like me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Glad to be of assistance – I’m always getting my wires and chargers mixed up/tangled/lost so having them all together seems like theway to go ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I thought about a Go Pro but thought that might be a bit much – I already had a few high end products and wanted to include more budget friendly options.

      If someones wants to buy me a GoPro fro christmas I certainly won’t complain!

  4. As a fashion blogger I would love the camera and throw in the tripod too. Ha Ha! There are very good gift suggestion here and one of my favourites here are the luggage scales. I have a similar one to the one you have suggested here and they are invaluable.

  5. We have a family travel scratch map. It’s so lovely to have a visual representation of our adventures. I’ve asked for a travel journal and a GoPro this year so we can record all of our family travels next year as we go.

  6. Wow i love your travel gift ideas, totally on-point! I would be happy to received a gorilla tripod, i need it for my travels

  7. Amazing and great list.. I love the gadget organizer and find it quite useful as I am big gadget lover and mostly take my gadgets on my trip. Thanks for sharing .

  8. Amazing and great list.. I love the gadget organizer and find it quite useful as I am big gadget lover and mostly take my gadgets on my trip. Thanks for sharing . Great work.

  9. Great gift list. I and my family love to travel. Someone give me Camera Stand and Travel Map? Haha. I need it for the upcoming trip.

  10. Oh I forgot to mention that the concept of a re-usuable water bottle is a fantastic idea. Especially as it might encourage me to drink more water!

  11. Ha! This gift list is for us as full-time traveler! I love the Gold Scratch Map. My husband will love that itโ€™s so unique. Also, Camera is something we look forward to upgrade to better one. Great suggestions! thank you!

  12. I like your suggestions. Camera and travel map are my choices among them. I think they are the most essential accessories we need during the travel. Gadget organizer is another interesting tool to organize all your gadgets, accessories from one place.

  13. I love Jobyโ€™s gorilla pods! They are super duper useful! The travel map looks so awesome! That would be a perfect gift for me ! Haha! You have some super gifts here! ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved the list. The snapchat glasses are so quirky!

  14. I love Jobyโ€™s gorilla pods! Looks like it would be super useful!! Gonna get my hands on it. Thanks for sharing some really good gift ideas.

  15. Great list! though my favorite go pro and pillow are not included but I vote for the eye glasses and stationary too. These will be another better options for someone thinking gifts for travellers.

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