Rachel On Route – The Story So Far

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I guess a little background info on my travels pre Rachel On Route might be useful. So here’s a little indication of the type of travel I have experienced so far, and what you might expect from me in the future.


So it goes a little something like this.
As a kid, my parents took us camping a lot around the UK, and I LOVED it. I have 2 brothers. (I am a classic middle child!)
And the 5 of us would disappear for 2 weeks a year with the trailer tent somewhere in the UK. Generally we ended up going somewhere where it rained a lot.


Rachel On Route
Trips that stand out in my mind include Hayling Island/Portsmouth, where my little brother got stuck in a muddy creek. And where I saw the Mary Rose being sprayed for preservation and I had a sudden fascination with the Tudors.
And our trip to North Wales/Anglesey. Where we descended Snowdon (we were only little so get the train up and walked down,) and visited slate mines. I got stung by my first jellyfish, and we experienced one cracker of a thunderstorm.


At 12 I got my first taste of flight when my mother and younger brother and I went to Corfu. There was a heatwave, and people where suffering awfully. I got stung by my 2nd jellyfish and that same day a boy trod on an anemone, so we didn’t go back to the beach much after that. I predominantly remember the extreme heat, and spending LOTS of time in the pool, but nonetheless, I immensely enjoyed the whole thing and the seeds were sown for my travel lust.


In 2002 and 2004 we visited family in Pittsburgh. I hadn’t previously met them so it was lovely to finally meet the cousins and extended family and put faces to names. Pittsburgh is a really cool city in my opinion, and very underrated, I will always be happy to return there. During the 2004 trip we also took a drive up through New York state to Niagra Falls and I got my first taste of Canada! We only spent one night there but the falls were stunning to see.
As a teenager I did the whole summer package holiday thing with various combinations of family and friends, covering Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and  Majorca. These holiday basically consisted of lazing on the beach/by the pool/drinking and eating, and did not involve much sightseeing or activities.


And then, I went to university and the travels had to stop.


Those years were bleak, I worked like a trooper both at my university (Anglia Ruskin!) and at my part time job as a chef in a local pub. I had no time or money to travel, and I felt the loss keenly.


Travels begin!

Rachel On RouteAnd then, in the spring of 2010, a few short weeks before graduation I met Ian. We hit it off right away, and quickly discovered we both had a passion for travel. So we got our first full time jobs, and started saving. For a few years we worked to both boost our CV’s (resume’s) and to save up some money. But during that time we did make  a few trips and weekends away, including Pisa, Stockholm, Paris and Brugge. And I was in travel heaven!


Then finally, in 2013 we were ready. After a long and agonizing process we received our Canadian Working Holiday Visas, and disappeared into the Canadian ether. Our year in Vancouver was phenomenal and unforgettable and I can’t WAIT to go back to be honest. (Fingers crossed for 2018.)


We returned to England in 2014, and since then I have taken my first solo trip to Norway, and taken a few UK breaks, to Bath and Somerset. But other than those brief trips, for the last year or so we’ve been saving like crazy to fund our next adventure…New Zealand!

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