New Zealand Working Holiday – The Plan

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With less than 10 days till we leave for our year away on a Working Holiday in New Zealand, things are getting serious.

I’ve visited my Mum in Somerset and had all my leaving shin digs with friends at the weekend (thanks guys!)  I now have 2 days left of work, so I guess it’s time to start thinking about packing and printing.

The vague outline goes something like this:

We leave the UK on Oct 28th and with a 6 hour layover in Guangzhou, China, we then arrive in Auckland on the afternoon of the 30th. Our Working Holiday visa activates the day we arrive, so we have a year from that day, to stay in the country.

We have 5 days in Auckland, and I’m really hoping New Zealand’s rugby team make it into the World Cup final as we’ll be there for that, and I’d love to hunt down a bar or something and experience them winning. It would be a pretty cool way to start the visit and to take in the atmosphere. I’m also hoping to do a bit of site seeing – I’d ideally like to get to Hobbiton but that might have to wait for another time. I WILL get there during this year though.

Following our brief stint in Auckland, we have a train booked to take us down to Wellington, which takes about a day, where we intend to stay for a bit and get our bearings in the country. We like the idea of ‘settling’ there for a few months and seeing what happens, if we can get jobs and find somewhere reasonable to stay to find our feet a little, so we have a month of accommodation booked already, and from there…who knows!


We like the idea of staying in the city for a little while, and then seeing how much money we have to then go off and do the more traditional traveling around the islands. We pretty much want to go everywhere and anywhere, so we’ll have to look into budgeting carefully.

On my personal hit-list right now is Queenstown, the Milford/Doubtful Sounds and Fiorland National Park. The Franz Josef Glacier, Lake Wanaka, Lake Taupo, Rotorua, Napier and the Bay of Islands. Although that list is not comprehensive, I could go on for a loooong time.

We are also quite taken with the idea of WWOOFing (that’s World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) where you volunteer to work on, shock horror, organic farms, in exchange for room and board.

I also like the idea of getting myself to a New Zealand drag racing strip while I’m out there. I’m a racing fan, it’s a hobby I share with one of my brothers and Dad. If my Dad is able to visit while we’re out there, as he did for my Canadian WOrking Holiday, I’ll see. I would love to to take him to a New Zealand drag strip!

So there you have it, a very vague plan, sprinkled with some cool ideas which hopefully will come to fruition.

Stay tuned to see how our year goes and where we actually end up!

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