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Hi all! This week I’ve taken part in a little Q & A as a Cambridge Eyewitness, about my lovely home town: Cambridge, UK.

Cambridge EyewitnessAmong all the travelling I’ve crammed in the last few years, Cambridge has always been the home I come back to. I’ve lived close to the city since birth, studied here for 3 years, and worked in the city. Off and on between my Working Holidays anyway. And I’ve now been living in the city center itself for almost a year, so I feel I know Cambridge quite well. Cambridge is a beautiful city, with so much more to offer than just the colleges. (Lovely as they are.)

So I took part in a collaboration with fellow travel blogger Dorothée Lefering over at The Touristin. Dorothée is a travel blogger from Berlin, Germany, who writes about an eclectic mix of travel topics. She also hosts an eyewitness series, where she interviews travel writers about their home towns, to see what locals have to say about their home towns. She asked if I would be a Cambridge Eyewitness and contribute to a post all about Cambridge.

So check out the link below to see what I think about Cambridge’s public transport, (so many bikes!) best places to eat and my favorite pubs and coffee shop. And where’s best to shop, my top museum, and what’s the best Cambridge souvenir!

Cambridge Eyewitness Post

You can read the article here, and don’t forget to give Dorothée a like/follow:

Eyewitness Cambridge in the UK

And also, throwback to my old post about my favorite things in Cambridge. I wrote this originally back in 2015, now updated with a few additions:

Rachel’s To Do Guide: Cambridge

Thanks to Dorothée for giving me opportunity to connect with her and take part. Cambridge is a lovely city, and writing this has spurred me on to try even more new things in city.

If I find any new hidden gems, I’ll keep you posted ;D


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