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Hi, I’m Rachel!


I’m a 20-something, from Cambridge in the UK. Well, a village not too far from Cambridge that no-ones ever heard of it. I was born and raised in the most rural of rural East Anglia in England. A proper country bumpkin, and spent most of my early life running amok in the wheat fields.

My partner Ian and I met at university and from the very beginning we had the urge to travel together.

Following our graduation in 2010, we got our first full time jobs and spent the next few years saving up and planning for our big adventures. During this time we had the occasional trip abroad to keep us happy, and we shared some wonderful experiences in destinations around Europe. (Although there are SO many other places I want to visit, my list just keeps getting longer and longer to be honest.)

In 2013 we finally decided we had saved up enough cash and had fluffed up our CV’s/resumes sufficiently to disappear on our first Working Holiday. So we applied for our Canadian visas. And after what felt like a lifetime of waiting, finally we were off on a real adventure.

You can read about our time in Canada and some of our other travels on my old blog at Raider Rachel. But I will definitely be writing more about our stay there (and possible return!) Our year in Canada was truly unforgettable, and I miss it more than I can say.

After Canada the travel bug was well and truly ingrained under my skin. So in 2015 we decided to pack our bags again, and go adventuring on the other side of the world – to gorgeous New Zealand! We spent 10 magnificent months living in Wellington, and then 2 months backpacking and hosteling around the country.

As I write, we are based back in Cambridge, and I am constantly looking for opportunities to escape to somewhere new, while of course blogging about our previous adventures! (Among lots of mini-breaks, posts to come featuring Austria and Bath!)


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Note on the blog name:

I am well aware that ‘On Route’ isn’t the ‘correct’ term and if one were to be pedantic about it, it would in fact be Rachel En Route.
However, call it a colloquialism, quirk, mistake or what you will, I have made the conscious decision to spell the blog title in English. (That’s not to say I have anything against French.) It’s just I am not French, and am not currently planning to travel to France, although I’m sure at some point that will happen!
So there.

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