Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound Eco Tour Review

During our stay in the South Island – I was adamant that we had to get down to the Milford Sound. And I definitely wanted to include a cruise.

It was one of my absolute MUST do things in New Zealand. So here’s how we got on, with my Milford Sound Eco Tour review.

We had to take a bit of a detour to do the Milford Sound. As our backpacking trip we were looping clockwise around the South Island. It meant that we had to travel down to Te Anau, and then do the tour as a day trip from there. We then travel back up to Queenstown to continue up the West coast of the island. Read More

New Zealand Backpacking – Lake Tekapo

Following the quite urban city of Christchurch, our next stop on our backpacking tour of New Zealand was the gorgeously quiet Lake Tekapo.

On arrival, we quickly noted that it was a bit chillier than we’d experienced before, and quite foggy. Interesting.

We then somehow (using my very tenuous internet connection) found our way from the bus stop, down the lake side to out hostel. (Have I mentioned, along with every other visitor to NZ who has probably said it, their internet is CRAP!) Read More

New Zealand Backpacking – Christchurch

After a spectacular time in Kaikoura and the beautiful hiking around the Peninsula, it was time for a change of pace. So we hopped onto our booked Intercity bus and took the journey from Kaikoura to Christchurch.

Again the journey followed the east coastline, and there was some definite swaying involved on the coach. It was a little nauseating!

First Impressions

Driving into Christchurch for the first time was quite daunting. Read More

Cambridge Eyewitness

Hi all! This week I’ve taken part in a little Q & A as a Cambridge Eyewitness, about my lovely home town: Cambridge, UK.

Cambridge EyewitnessAmong all the travelling I’ve crammed in the last few years, Cambridge has always been the home I come back to. I’ve lived close to the city since birth, studied here for 3 years, and worked in the city. Off and on between my Working Holidays anyway. And I’ve now been living in the city center itself for almost a year, so I feel I know Cambridge quite well. Cambridge is a beautiful city, with so much more to offer than just the colleges. (Lovely as they are.)

Read More